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We’ve always known that both Sony and Microsoft would want their next generation consoles out before the holiday season begins in the US, and now it looks like that probably will happen. Sony announced earlier this month at GamesCom in Europe that the PS4 would be releasing in the US … [Read More]

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The PS4 and the Xbox One are now available for pre-order through various online retailers. Amazon has already sold out of the Launch day edition of the PlayStation 4 in the US, which are guaranteed for delivery on the first day the console launches, however they are also selling standard … [Read More]

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On Tuesday 21st May, Microsoft revealed their next generation of gaming, with the Xbox One. However, despite being touted as a gaming device for the past few months, Microsoft spent 75% of the time talking about TV and sports, announcing just two exclusive titles at the event, only one of … [Read More]

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PlayStation Logo

Today is an exciting day to be a gamer, especially a PlayStation gamer, as it looks like Sony is ready to announce it’s next PlayStation, most likely named, the PlayStation 4. Sony has sent out invites to investors and media for a PlayStation day on the February 20th in New … [Read More]

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New PS3 Super Slim

HMV, a UK retailer, has cut the price of the 12GB PlayStation 3 Slim console to just £119.99 (including free delivery) following offers from other retailers such as GAME, who cut the price of the console to just £125. This represents an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade … [Read More]

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Since the announcement of the Wii U, there’s been wild speculation about what the next generation could mean for PlayStation and Xbox. Everyone knows that the graphics will improve, but what we all want to know now is what the controller will be like. There have been rumours and images … [Read More]

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PlayStation Vita

Sony will today officially launch the PlayStation Mobile app service on the PlayStation Vita and selected PlayStation-certified mobile devices. PlayStation Mobile offers an enticing entry point into the PlayStation world to all owners of a PS Certified smartphone or tablet, while giving PS Vita gamers the chance to expand their … [Read More]

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Samsung LCD TV

Samsung is considering restructuring its LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) business to improve competitiveness after make a huge loss in 2011. The LCD flat-screen business incurred an $891 million operating loss in 2011 due to lower demand for flat-screen TVs and increased competition from Chinese manufacturers.

Analysts believe that Samsung may … [Read More]

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PlayStation Logo

Speculation is ramping up on how much of an upgrade the Xbox 720 will be compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii U consoles, but there are currently very few rumours about the PlayStation 4 or what the console may or may not have inside it. So here are the … [Read More]

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Dot Switch

As the image above suggests, Sony Japan are teasing the reveal of a new form of entertainment on the February 21st, 2012. Sony also released a video showing a Sony Ericsson mobile handset, essentially switching on multiple devices, suggesting that the “Dot Switch” will essentially allow you to … [Read More]

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Kaz Hirai

Although he was confirmed as one of the candidates to take over from CEO Howard Stringer, Sony has denied reports that Kaz Hirai has been promoted to President of Sony. The report issued by Nikkei suggested that Kaz Hirai would be taking over as President, but Sony were quick to … [Read More]

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If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trailers and videos coming out of Sony PlayStation, you will have noticed that the videos now lean to a blue colouring, as opposed to the red colour that was initially associated with the PlayStation 3. Some people have argued that this is … [Read More]

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Yes you read that title correctly, but it does need some explanation. Hollywood is hoping that Sony Picture’s latest Blu-Ray movie releases with digital download copies, which includes The Smurfs, will help the format finally kill off the aging DVD. UltraViolet is universal online “locker” where you can activate a … [Read More]

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Sony logo

Sony Electronics is opening the doors to more stores with the new design concept introduced earlier this year in the Century City area of Los Angeles.  The new design introduces a brand new customer experience from Sony, including a world class design that truly embodies the best Sony has to … [Read More]

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Sony is considering launching an internet TV service that could rival the likes of subscription-based cable and satellite services if a Wall Street Journal article is to be believed. The company wishes to allow their consumers to pay for a subscription-based TV service similar to cable TV, but with all … [Read More]

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