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The two men who posed as good samaritans to Mohammed Ashraf Raziq Rossli┬áduring last summer’s London riots, but in actuality stole a PlayStation Portable handheld gaming system from his backpack on August 8th, 2011, have been convicted of their crimes. Reece Donovan (left) was found guilty of robbing Rossli … [Read More]

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Game Genie

Hyperkin is bringing back the good old Game Genie, which allowed us gamers to cheat our way through a variety of games. New versions on offer will also include a Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP version, as well as Nintendo Wii and DS versions. The Game Genie is part of … [Read More]

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Sony still haven’t announced the storage specs for the PSVita yet, and it is possibly due to the fact that they haven’t secured a deal with flash manufacturers for the best price, or they aren’t going to offer a large enough amount for gamers’ needs.

Currently the PSPgo has 16GB … [Read More]

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Mohammad Asyraf Hazig Rosli

This is an image that shocked the world, where a Malaysian man who was initially robbed of his bicycle in London, was then helped up by another group of people, and then robbed again of his PlayStation Portable games console. Mohammad Ashraf Haziq Rosli was pushing his bike along the … [Read More]

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