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The PS3 has outsold its competitors in Australia according to NPD hardware figures for the country, despite overall sales in retail games and hardware were down 13%. The NPD figures show the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii in Australia, with around 400,000 consoles sold  in 2011, … [Read More]

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Tritton Gaming Headsets

Mad Catz Interactive announced today the SwitchBlade Wireless Headset (picture above on the left), expected to ship worldwide in spring 2012. Featuring Bluetooth technology, the new headset is for use with the PlayStation 3 and will be released under the company’s TRITTON professional gaming audio brand.

Darren Richardson, the President … [Read More]

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Kaz Hirai

Although he was confirmed as one of the candidates to take over from CEO Howard Stringer, Sony has denied reports that Kaz Hirai has been promoted to President of Sony. The report issued by Nikkei suggested that Kaz Hirai would be taking over as President, but Sony were quick to … [Read More]

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Game Genie

Hyperkin is bringing back the good old Game Genie, which allowed us gamers to cheat our way through a variety of games. New versions on offer will also include a Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP version, as well as Nintendo Wii and DS versions. The Game Genie is part of … [Read More]

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If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trailers and videos coming out of Sony PlayStation, you will have noticed that the videos now lean to a blue colouring, as opposed to the red colour that was initially associated with the PlayStation 3. Some people have argued that this is … [Read More]

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Michael Pachter

Wedbush anlyst, Michael Pachter has written to investors today with the latest results for console sales in North America in November 2011. The Xbox 360 seems to have outsold the Nintendo Wii by almost 400,000 units. The Xbox 360’s total sales in the month were 1.44 million units, according to … [Read More]

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Thrustmaster, the innovative PC and console accessory brand, announced today it will have a special holiday deal on its T500 RS wheel and pedal set and TH8 RS gear set. A premium racing assembly that lets gamers experience racing titles on the PC, and Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, … [Read More]

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In the run up to Christmas, we’re seeing price cuts on many electronics and gaming consoles, but it seems that the PlayStation 3 is the console to look out for when it comes to significant price cuts. Supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, has cut the 160GB PlayStation 3 from a recommended retail … [Read More]

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Sony logo

Sony Electronics is opening the doors to more stores with the new design concept introduced earlier this year in the Century City area of Los Angeles.  The new design introduces a brand new customer experience from Sony, including a world class design that truly embodies the best Sony has to … [Read More]

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PS3 Hack

Mathieulh, a quite infamous PSP hacker, claims to have decrypted lv0 on the PlayStation 3’s latest firmware (3.73). The hacker released an image of a Command Prompt window simply stating the words, “File successfully decrypted!” on his Twitter account, with the words “Boot Loader SE Version 3.7.3 (Build ID: 4611,48369, … [Read More]

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Without the PlayStation, you could say that the gaming industry wouldn’t be where it is today. If Sony hadn’t joined the competition with the original PlayStation against Nintendo, Microsoft may have never chosen to enter the gaming market at all, but here are a few other things that Playstation did … [Read More]

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Everyone will agree that competition is a good thing, especially in for the consumer. This current console generation has seen a very hard fought battle between Microsoft and Sony to sell the most consoles, more so than the last generation where the difference between the PlayStation 2 and Xbox was … [Read More]

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You’re reading this title and thinking, really? Do you really think that I’m going to believe that you can fix the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death issue and the PlayStation 3’s Yellow Light of Death issue with a lemon? Well it’s true, but of course you’ll need a few … [Read More]

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