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Apple is about to hit a major milestone in the number of downloads that the App store has seen since it launched over three years ago. Apple will be hitting 25 billion downloads at some point in the next few weeks, and the company has said that the person who … [Read More]

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A5X Chip?

Apple’s iPad 3 looks to be getting a reveal very soon as more and more evidence of the device pops up around the internet. The latest rumoured image of the device (pictured above) is that of the new processor chip and logic board. It was earlier assumed that the iPad … [Read More]

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Apple has won a patent dispute case against Motorola in a landmark ruling that could cause issues for Android device manufacturers worldwide. Apple argued that their slide-to-unlock patent, which┬árelates to the process of unlocking a smartphone by swiping a finger from one area of the screen to another, was … [Read More]

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Analytics company Flurry has confirmed that in the last week of December 2011, mobile app downloads have passed a record number. According to the firm, 1.2 billion apps were download for mobile operating systems in the last week of December, mainly due to the activation of new devices over the … [Read More]

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Android continues to be a success as Android devices outsold Apple’s popular iPhone by a ratio of 2:1 this summer. According to Nielsen, 56% of smartphones sold in the three months since June have been loaded with the Android mobile operating system, compared to just 28% which the iOS smartphones … [Read More]

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