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Solar Panels

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are working on ways to reduce the amount of times you need to charge your smartphone, and are working towards a phone that may never need charging. The team’s prototype worked on the idea that only 36% of an OLED (organic light emitting diode) … [Read More]

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Raspberry Pi

The highly anticipated Raspberry Pi low-cost PC is readying its launch as it prepares to produce the small computers in volume next month. The Raspberry Pi team are testing the latest beta versions of the computer, and if all goes well, volume production can begin in January 2012.

There will … [Read More]

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Sony logo

Sony has unveiled a bio-battery prototype that runs on waste paper in Japan. The new technology converts shredded paper into sugar, which can be used to power electrical items. The project is deemed environmentally friendly as there are no harmful chemicals used in the process, and could one day allow … [Read More]

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