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In response to an analyst’s comment that Samsung may be interested in buying out the struggling Blackberry maker, the company has said that it is not interested in Research In Motion at all. Samsung Electronics commented after RIM mentioned they would be open to licensing the Blackberry 10¬†operating¬†system … [Read More]

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Rumours circulating the internet today suggest that Samsung wants to purchase troubled phone manufacturer RIM, responsible for the BlackBerry devices we all know and love. The Korean technology giant has denied the claims, whereas RIM stated that it:

“Does not comment on rumour or speculation.”

Samsung’s comments were much stronger … [Read More]

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The global BlackBerry outage continues for its third day with continued disruption to e-mails, instant messaging and Internet. Engineers are said to be working “day and night” to try to fix the problem with the BlackBerry services. The BlackBerry outage began at 11am BST on Monday reducing users’ access to … [Read More]

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BlackBerry Android

RIM’s BlackBerry may be getting an “app player” that allows it’s phones and tablets to run Android apps, as the company seeks to increase sales. RIM is reportedly going to include the app player in its phones that run the new QNX software, which are meant to be coming to … [Read More]

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