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The huge and popular file hosting website Megaupload has been shut down by the FBI following the arrests of the website’s founders in New Zealand. Prosecutors are accusing the founders of the website that its service has allegedly cost copyright holders more than $500m in lost revenue.┬áThe US Justice … [Read More]

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Anonymous have announced a “Day of Vengeance” following what they called “police instigated violence” against peaceful protesters on Tuesday September 20th, 2011. On September 15th, Anonymous announced that they would occupy parts of Manhattan on September 17th as part of a peaceful protest against “unjust policies of the US government … [Read More]

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Misha Glenny leads a talk at the TED conference to “Hire the Hackers.”

Misha helps to break down the similarities of hackers throughout the years, coming to the conclusion that many have learned hacking at an early stage without yet having a strong moral compass. He also discovered that almost … [Read More]

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LulzSec and Anonymous Logos

The British Metropolitan Police have charged two more hackers with the same offences as previously caught members of Anonymous and Lulz Security. The two suspects, Christopher Jan Weatherhead, 20 of Northampton, and Ashley Rhodes, 26 of London where charged on Thursday. Police did not mention whether these two were connected … [Read More]

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Police in the UK have arrested and charged another member of Anonymous, this time a 17-year-old from Chester. For legal reasons, because this person is technically a minor, he/she cannot be named, and will only be referred to as “B.” Police did not confirm or deny that this is another … [Read More]

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Nokia logo

Nokia is the latest company to be suffering from hacking attacks as it has found that email addresses and other information AIM, Skype and other messenger usernames had been accessed by hackers. Nokia was quick to mention that sensitive information such as credit cards and password details were safe.

In … [Read More]

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British Police on Thursday, have arrested and charged a 22-year-old man in connection with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as part of the hacker group, Anonymous. Anonymous was responsible for DDoS attacks on Sony, Paypal and Visa as well as a variety of the gaming-related websites.

The 22-year-old arrested … [Read More]

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LulzSec and Anonymous Logos

Notorious hacker groups Anonymous and Lulz Security have called for a boycott on Paypal as “PayPal continues to withhold funds from WikiLeaks, a beacon of truth in these dark times.” Anonymous and Lulz Security claim that they are disgusted by injustices such as these and are calling for members of … [Read More]

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Hackers, Anonymous, have decided to attack the Italian cyber-police CNAIPIC in retaliation to the arrests of its members in Italy. Italian cyber-police arrested 3 people in connection with Anonymous in early July. The group is reportedly releasing 8GB worth of files from the CNAIPIC network, that they received from a … [Read More]

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