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Netflix UK

Netflix has officially launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland, finally giving UK consumers a decent competitor to Amazon’s LoveFilm service. Chief product officer at Netflix, Neil Hunt, announced the launch of the service on the official Netflix blog. He states:

Netflix is available now, and anyone can get a

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Amazon is reportedly working on two new next-generation Kindle Fire tablets, sized at 8.9 inches and 10.1 inches, similar to Samsung’s sizing methods. The 8.9-inch model is apparently going to launch by the end of the second quarter of 2012, with production of that model beginning in the middle of … [Read More]

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Hulu Logo

Hulu, the popular video service, has announced that it is up for acquisition, and that it would start accepting initial bids by Wednesday this week. Several big names have been interested in Hulu, including Microsoft, but sources close to the company say that Google, Yahoo, Amazon and DirecTV are all … [Read More]

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Google has announced that it is taking it’s Street View cameras to the Amazon Rainforest in an attempt to raise awareness for a sustainable Amazon. In association with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon, Google will be going to the Amazon to capture 50km of the rainforest along the Rio … [Read More]

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