Your Daily Dose of Gadge!

The main idea behind our reviews is to inform the consumer about what technology they will be interested in, and whether that all-important piece of tech actually turns out to be worth buying. The gadgets, technology and software we review are a mixture of products that our staff want to review, products that we think our readers will be interested in, and products that we are sent by the press.

Gadgehit uses a 10-point review scale, in the form of a star rating, with a maximum rating of 5 stars. So essentially we allow for half stars, and full star ratings. Each hardware review takes into account the following; build quality, ease of use, value for money, and product performance. Software and app reviews take into account the following; user interface, value for money, usefulness (or fun in the case of games), reusability (how long this software will keep you interested). Every review then receives an overall rating, which is an average of these scores.

The price of a product is very important in our reviews, which is why we always take value for money into account. If Product A costs $100, and it performs well, and Product B costs $200, but is only a little better, then we would give Product B a lower score than Product A in terms of value for money.

5 to 4.5 Stars – Outstanding to Amazing

This is a product that we recommend to everyone. It may not be perfect, but it serves its purpose fully, is good value for money, and is the best of the best at the time of release.

4 to 3.5 Stars – Excellent to Great

It may not be the best product available in a particular category, but it’s still an excellent product, and technophiles might want to add this to their collections.

3 to 2.5 Stars – Good to Decent

Despite several issues, maybe technical problems or price issues, this product is still worth a look. A lot of good points, but also a lot of bad points compared to other products.

2 to 1.5 Stars – Mediocre to Bad

Some aspects of this product are good, but it’s mostly bad. The idea behind the product ahs some merit, but something went wrong down the line.

1 to 0.5 Star – Awful to Terrible

Major problems with this product, there’s nothing new and nothing interesting with this product.

0 Stars – Disaster

This product should not exist, it is completely pointless, and does not work the way it was intended to.

Will a product ever get a 0 Star Rating?

This is something we cannot know, but it’s unlikely. As long as the product has a reason to exist, and performs its job in some way, it is not deserving of a 0 star rating. We always try to be as fair as possible in our reviews, so if there is a product that is completely useless, you may see a 0 star rating.

Can I link to your review on my website?

Yes. You cannot copy the full review, but you can take an excerpt and link to it. If you are a product website and wish to promote a product that we have reviewed, we have made custom star rating image files that are placed at the end of our reviews. You can use this image if you wish, but please leave it unmodified, and link to the full review on our site.

Do you take personal opinion into account for the score?

We try not to. With the majority of reviews, there will always be an element of personal opinion, but the reviewer will always try to relate the product to its target audience. We may not like a product for ourselves, but the target audience for a particular product may love it. At the same time, we don’t want to promote a product to a wider audience, if it is only for a niche market, so the score will also reflect this.