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We’ve always known that both Sony and Microsoft would want their next generation consoles out before the holiday season begins in the US, and now it looks like that probably will happen. Sony announced earlier this month at GamesCom in Europe that the PS4 would be releasing in the US … [Read More]

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At the end of June, Google+ Games gets shuffled away into the Google graveyard, along with Google Reader (which has a lot more people mourning it than the Google+ Games service). Google+ Games has been around since the end of 2011, according to It never got a great deal … [Read More]

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The PS4 and the Xbox One are now available for pre-order through various online retailers. Amazon has already sold out of the Launch day edition of the PlayStation 4 in the US, which are guaranteed for delivery on the first day the console launches, however they are also selling standard … [Read More]

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Microsoft has confirmed in an official statement on their Xbox website that their next generation console, Xbox One, will require an internet connection in order to fully function. Whilst the console does not require a persistent internet connection, it must check in at least once every 24 hours, and if … [Read More]

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Rumours are swirling that Microsoft is running into some major issues whilst manufacturing it’s next generation Xbox One, with many insider sources suggesting that the GPU may be under-clocked in order to mitigate any risk of overheating or a re-occurrence of the Red Ring of Death (RROD). A thread on … [Read More]

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Windows Phone is continuing to eat up market share that has been traditionally held by the likes of Blackberry, Android and iOS phones. The recently relaunched Windows Phone operating system has helped Microsoft more than double its mobile OS market share from April last year, according to research by Kantar … [Read More]

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When the Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator of architecture and design announced the acquisition of 14 video games in 2012, “all hell broke loose.” In this far-ranging, entertaining, and deeply insightful talk, Paola Antonelli explains why she’s delighted to challenge preconceived ideas about art and galleries, and describes her … [Read More]

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Vodafone, a popular mobile phone network in the UK, has announced that it will be bringing 4G internet to its users this summer following a £900 million network investment. The network announced that it would increase spending on it’s network infrastructure by 50 percent in 2013, which equates to a … [Read More]

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Motorola has confirmed that its heavily rumoured X Phone, is indeed a reality based on comments made by CEO Dennis Woodside at the AllThingsD D11 conference. The phone will now be called the Moto X, and has been rumoured to be a new flagship phone from Motorola, boasting the newest … [Read More]

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On Tuesday 21st May, Microsoft revealed their next generation of gaming, with the Xbox One. However, despite being touted as a gaming device for the past few months, Microsoft spent 75% of the time talking about TV and sports, announcing just two exclusive titles at the event, only one of … [Read More]

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WhatsApp Messenger Logo

Instant messaging applications on smartphones such as WhatsApp and Viber have overtaken the SMS market for the first time ever according to research firm Informa. Informa’s research suggests that 19 billion messages were set each day on chat apps, compared to 17.6 billion SMS messages in 2012. Another research company, … [Read More]

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Stop Badware

Lookout, a mobile security provider, has revealed that they have found no less than 32 apps on the Android Google Play Store, that are infected with a new strain of malware known as BadNews. According to statistics on the Google Play store, the combined affected applications have been downloaded … [Read More]

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Microsoft Steve Ballmer

Adam Orth, a Microsoft Games Studios creative director who caused a massive row on Twitter, Neogaf and several other gaming websites when he dismissed ‘Always Online’ DRM as a major issue in gaming, has now not only protected his tweets on Twitter, but has also removed his account from … [Read More]

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Adam Orth, a Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, has suggested that the next Xbox, commonly known as Durango or Xbox 720, will require users to be always online whilst playing games or running apps. In an ill-thought out Twitter tirade with Senior gameplay designer at BioWare, Manveer Heir, Orth posted … [Read More]

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During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, Epic Games unveiled an Unreal Engine 4 demonstration running in real-time for the PlayStation 4. This Elemental demo was also shown last year running on PC, and we were very impressed at the time, so we decided to make a quick split-screen … [Read More]

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