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During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, Epic Games unveiled an Unreal Engine 4 demonstration running in real-time for the PlayStation 4. This Elemental demo was also shown last year running on PC, and we were very impressed at the time, so we decided to make a quick split-screen … [Read More]

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One of the big rumours that’s hit the internet recently is that the next Xbox, often referred to as the Xbox 720, will force users to install all the games that they buy to the hard drive, and will not require the game to be in the drive once they … [Read More]

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That’s possibly a title that makes a lot of gamers’ hairs stand on end, but I’m here to convince you why you should want more micro-transactions in your game, and why Electronics Arts isn’t the bad guy when it says it will make micro-transactions part of every one of its … [Read More]

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Just like the original 60GB PS3 that was priced at $599 and included PS2 hardware directly on the motherboard, should Sony look into making a SKU for their next gen system with a similar feature?

If we look at the logistics, it seems like the main issues that Sony could … [Read More]

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Today is an exciting day to be a gamer, especially a PlayStation gamer, as it looks like Sony is ready to announce it’s next PlayStation, most likely named, the PlayStation 4. Sony has sent out invites to investors and media for a PlayStation day on the February 20th in New … [Read More]

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Since the announcement of the Wii U, there’s been wild speculation about what the next generation could mean for PlayStation and Xbox. Everyone knows that the graphics will improve, but what we all want to know now is what the controller will be like. There have been rumours and images … [Read More]

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Intel has long been on top of the CPU market, but its most recent naming convention is one of the most confusing and convoluted ones I’ve ever seen. So I’ve decided to do a quick article explaining what exactly differentiates the Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. The main difference … [Read More]

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Over the past few weeks, a lot of website owners have been facing issues with a malware that inserts code into certain files, meaning users who visit the website will then automatically be redirected to another website. The c3284d is one such malware network that will insert malicious code into … [Read More]

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PlayStation Vita

If you’ve had a PlayStation Vita for a while, you’ve probably come across, or probably will come across the flashing blue light error (which will most likely be referred to as the blue light of death in future) that can occur on the device at times. The symptoms of this … [Read More]

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E3 2012

The Electronics Entertainment Expo 2012 (E3) has arrived, and we’re just hours away from the beginning of the biggest event in the gaming calendar. Gamers worldwide will be tuning in to find out what the future of gaming is, and whilst many people have created a wishlist for the event, … [Read More]

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Many of the recently released and upcoming smartphones nowadays, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 (pictured above), the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3, seem to be mentioning one feature over and over again, a polycarbonate shell. Whilst this is essentially plastic, it got us wondering, why does … [Read More]

PlayStation Vita

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings about a new PlayStation Portable. Originally codenamed the NGP (Next Generation Portable), Sony’s new handheld was officially revealed as the PlayStation Vita at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2011. The new handheld … [Read More]

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Speculation is ramping up on how much of an upgrade the Xbox 720 will be compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii U consoles, but there are currently very few rumours about the PlayStation 4 or what the console may or may not have inside it. So here are the … [Read More]

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WhatsApp Messenger Logo

A few months back, we decided to start only posting “Free App of the Day” stories when there was an app available for free, which was either extremely good value or just generally a great little app. This is the first one of those new stories, WhatsApp Messenger is free … [Read More]

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Without the PlayStation, you could say that the gaming industry wouldn’t be where it is today. If Sony hadn’t joined the competition with the original PlayStation against Nintendo, Microsoft may have never chosen to enter the gaming market at all, but here are a few other things that Playstation did … [Read More]

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