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Adam Orth, Microsoft Creative Director Deletes LinkedIn Account

Microsoft Steve BallmerAdam Orth, a Microsoft Games Studios creative director who caused a massive row on Twitter, Neogaf and several other gaming websites when he dismissed ‘Always Online’ DRM as a major issue in gaming, has now not only protected his tweets on Twitter, but has also removed his account from the professional network, LinkedIn. Orth’s profile, which appears to have been removed in the last few days at most, linked the man to Microsoft, which is probably why it has now been removed.

It’s unknown whether he as forced to remove it from the professional social network by his superiors, in order for Microsoft to try and disassociate themselves with Orth’s comments, as well as the backlash that followed, or whether Orth decided to remove it himself. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the former, and although Microsoft has yet to announce that Adam is still with the company or not, it is looking more and more likely that he will be fired over his ill-thought out comments.

If you want to see the graveyard that is Adam Orth’s LinkedIn profile, you can find it here.

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