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UnoTelly UnoDNS Review

If you’ve not heard of UnoDNS, don’t be too ashamed, because until very recently, I also had no idea what this was. UnoDNS is a pay-monthly service that allows any user, worldwide, access content that is blocked due to nationality. For example, with UnoDNS, users in Europe can get full access to services like Hulu, Netflix and Crackle, which would normally be unavailable. On the other hand, users in the United States can also access content from the UK such as BBC iPlayer, ITV player and content from other countries as well.

We’ve been assured that this service is completely legal, because it bypasses region-locking on the services, but it does not block out any advertising. This means that the service will still make money and gain impressions from your viewing, despite you not being physically in the country that the content is licensed for.

Also, UnoDNS only allows you to access free content on the online services, and you will still need to be a subscriber for the premium services that each channel offers. I’d still be a little wary about this claim, simply because there are licensing issues at work that we are unaware of, but as you can pay per month, there is very little risk involved. UnoTelly also offer a full refund within seven days if you are not satisfied with the service.

The range of channels UnoTelly links to.

There are two subscription options available; premium and gold. The service is the same, except that gold subscriptions get access to more channels than premium subscriptions. What UnoTelly essentially does is collate all the online “catch up” services from TV channels in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia (and a few others), and provides you with links, and of course access, to these services. The premium subscription, which costs $4.95 a month, allows you to access around 48 different online services, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix, and there is a lot of value in this basic tier.

The gold subscription, which costs $7.95 a month, includes all of the premium online services, but has around 27 extra services such as Sky Go, Syfy and the AMC network. There is also a free tier which lets you sample the service for a few days before having to pay. So how exactly does this service work? Well it’s actually incredibly simple, but even so, UnoTelly provides detailed step-by-step instructions, with images, on how to set this service up on almost every device you can think of, including computers, TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones and games consoles.

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