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Is a Double-sided Transparent Smartphone The Future?

Transparent SmartphoneIt seems like something more out of science fiction than reality, but a Japanese company have developed a prototype of a transparent smartphone, that could be what our phones look like in the future. NTT DoCoMo showed off the prototype smartphone at Wireless Japan, which has a transparent display, and touch functionality on the front and back of the phone, similar to a PlayStation Vita.

A spokesperson for DoCoMo said:

You could hold down an icon on the front, and slide on the back to move an icon, or use the message bar, or create a new application. For example, from the front, you can only move the whole Rubik’s cube, but if you slide your finger across the front while holding down the back you can rotate just one face. So this display makes gripping operations possible.

In the prototype, the back touchscreen is mainly used for scrolling through contenting without obscuring the screen, which is the case with current smartphones. The device is being developed in conjunction with Fujitsu, no release date for the phone was given.

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