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PlayStation Turning Blue for ‘Change in Branding Direction’

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trailers and videos coming out of Sony PlayStation, you will have noticed that the videos now lean to a blue colouring, as opposed to the red colour that was initially associated with the PlayStation 3. Some people have argued that this is to support Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld, which seems to be claiming “blue” as its associated colour, but this is not the case.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe blog manager, James Gallagher said:

“It’s not directly PS Vita related, more of a change in branding direction for the company as a whole. These colours are going to be synonymous with PlayStation going forward.”

The blue colour was initially rolled out on the latest videos and trailers from the PlayStation division. The European PlayStation Blog has now been redesigned in order to match the new direction from the PlayStation team, and it seems the rest of Sony’s websites will follow suit shortly.

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